A Little Extra

When it comes to hobbies, I have many!  I would like to share some other things I have been involved in, hopefully it will help some others out as well!

I started my first vegetable garden in 2016.  As a novice, I decided to compile as much information as I could to assist with my garden.  I am constantly learning and improving as I go.  To try and make things easier on myself I created a website to help with my planting schedule, garden layout, information on vegetables, fruit & herbs, as well as keeping a journal for review on how the planting year went and what to do or not do next year.  Hopefully this site will help with other novices, or critiqued by gardeners with more experience.  Enjoy!

Since I have started my vegetable gardens, I have yearned to have home grown fruits and vegetables available for longer than an Ontario growing season.  I have just started building a home hydroponics system in hopes to enjoy my own food all year long!   From all the research I have done, I have not been able to find in-depth details describing many aspects of a hydroponics system.  I will go into as much detail as possible in order to help other new growers have a successful system. 

Along with growing vegetables, my experience in the culinary world has really only taken off in the last few years.  I never used to enjoy cooking, but having more time really helps.  After eating whole fresh foods (not to mention fresh veggies from the garden) I will never go back to eating a pre-made frozen meal again!  I have compiled a handful of recipes that I absolutely love.  Some are super easy to make, and others take some time, but are worth it!  Many recipes I have found on the internet, books, tv, and some tweaked more to my liking.  Hopefully you can find some new meals to try!

Joy Rider

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Motorcycles!!  If you are interested in motorcycles, visit my motoblog!  It has a lot of information for beginner riders, as well as pictures and videos of my adventures.  As well, I have included how-to's on simple motorcycle maintenance you can do at home & save yourself some money!  I would also love to hear other bike stories and other tips experienced riders can offer!

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"How To Pull Up Your Big Kid Pants!" - This in an instructional book intended for young adults (or mature adults who have little how-to experience).  It focuses in depth on many handy skills in a detailed step-by-step instruction.  Topics include everything from sewing to plumbing to budgeting your finances.  Even though some may think hiring someone else to do the work is easier, having the knowledge and skill to do something yourself makes you feel empowered and confident.  This web page consists of highlights and assistance as far as my expertise can offer.